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Updated: Apr 17, 2023

As 2022 winds down, I find myself sorely tempted to slow down, take some time, and recover after a very busy, stressful year. From supply chain challenges, material shortages, stock allocations, multiple price hikes due to rampant inflation, and other factors, this year has been one for the record books. And one that I am happy to take the lessons from - then put it in my rearview mirror.

However, contrary to a fleeting wish for a peaceful holiday break, I find my Hive blessed to be in “busy bee mode.” We’re growing both on the internal team count as well as adding additional vendor partners. Our top clients all seem to be live at the same time with exciting projects, new product launches, and making every day what I most wish for – DIFFERENT!

So, matching speeds with my clients, we are sprinting to the finish of this year and looking for the hurdles, challenges, and prospects to come!

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