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EPIC Entrepreneurs | Jon Freed

The Hive Mind: Offering A Multi-Company Approach to Packaging Solutions

In today's episode of EPIC Entrepreneurs, Bill chats with Jon Freed, Founder and CEO of The Hive Mind and a respected industry leader with over 20 years of experience in print management.

  • You'll learn how Jon managed to build a thriving business within the printing and packaging industry.

  • You'll learn about The Hive Mind's unique business model that allows it to offer a one-stop-shop for all kinds of packaging solutions.

  • You'll discover the No. 1 business lesson Jon learned through 20+ years of holding different sales positions.

  • You'll discover the next growth phase for The Hive Mind and what the future looks like for the company. Join Bill and Jon in this value-packed discussion. Enjoy! What You'll Learn in this Show: How Jon got started in the printing and packaging business.The one thing that sets sales apart from all other business models. Jon's advice to young, driven individuals who are just getting started on the entrepreneurship path. Why Jon believes helping independent sales reps annuitize their business offers a lot of untapped potentials. And so much more…

Resources: EPIC Entrepreneurs The Hive Mind website Jon’s Contact info: 803-984-1166 /

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