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Elevate Your Brand with Niagara Label: Hot Foil Stamping and Beyond

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Last summer, I was fortunate to visit Niagara Label in tandem with a week’s vacation and family reunion held near Rochester NY. Pat Duggan, a long-time friend and top industry guru, merged his Impact Print Solutions business there several years ago. Since then, we have won significant work in the vape industry for a challenging project and a major brand. Niagara has proven to be a valued ally, offering quick estimates and fast turnaround, going so far as to purchase equipment needed to better accomplish the goals and metrics needed to keep winning the work!

In the dynamic world of product packaging and labeling, few companies have left as indelible a mark as Niagara Label. With over 38 years of experience, this family-owned label manufacturer, nestled near Buffalo, NY, has consistently delivered exceptional quality and service that sets them apart in the industry. At Niagara Label, the cornerstone of their success lies in their unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction and unparalleled service. They have cultivated enduring and mutually beneficial relationships with vendors, customers, and employees. It's these relationships and the achievements that stem from them that fuel their passion for what they do.

Investing in Cutting-Edge Technology

To remain at the forefront of the industry, Niagara Label embraces a continuous improvement mindset. They've made strategic investments in cutting-edge printing presses, digital equipment, and HD prepress technologies. These investments ensure the highest quality prime product labels across diverse market sectors. Their responsive, can-do approach aligns seamlessly with the just-in-time requirements of various industries.

A Partnership Approach

Niagara Label believes in treating customers as partners. They work tirelessly to ensure that this feeling of partnership is mutual. Their dedication to surpassing expectations, providing exceptional value, and delivering outstanding results is evident in every label they produce.

Comprehensive Labeling Services

Niagara Label offers a wide range of services to meet your label manufacturing needs, including:

HD Certified Flexography

1. Digital Printing

  • Specializing in up to a 7-color process.

  • Perfect for short to medium-sized print runs.

  • Customized decorations without the need for printing plates.

  • Minimal material waste.

2. HD Certified Flexography

  • Over 35 years of flexographic printing experience.

  • GMI and UL certified facility.

  • Utilizing Flexo 8-10 color printing presses.

  • Modern in-house prepress and platemaking equipment.

  • Web width up to 17 inches, 10 color.

Label printing

3. Advanced Label Finishing

  • Enhance your labels' aesthetic appeal and durability.

  • Options include die cutting, perforating, slitting, lam, UV, two-sided printing, hot foil stamping, embossing, and more.

  • Inline Silk Screen Printing for tactile varnishes.

  • Specialty inks and coatings for various finishes.

4. Additional Services and Standards

  • A wide inventory of die shapes to choose from.

  • Graphic design services.

  • Industry-leading materials for special applications.

  • ERP-integrated material tracking.

  • Direct to Plate ESKO Certified HD Flexo Plating.

  • GMI and UL certifications.

Hot Foil Stamping: Elevating Your Brand

One of Niagara Label's standout services is Hot Foil Stamping. This premium finish adds an exquisite touch to your labels. Using heated flatbed copper dies, they transfer metallic foil onto your labels, creating a sophisticated and eye-catching effect.

Hot foil stamping example

Why Choose Hot Foil Stamping?

  • Endless color options for foils.

  • Unparalleled design capabilities.

  • Enhances brand perception and value.

If you're interested in seeing how hot foil stamping can revolutionize your product labels let us know. We work with Niagara Label’s dedicated customer care team and we are ready and eager to assist you. They are more than happy to send samples and answer any questions you may have about their hot foil stamping services.

Elevate your brand with Niagara Label and experience the difference that exceptional quality, commitment, and innovation can make in your label and packaging solutions. Learn more Contact Niagra Label

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