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Updated: Sep 21, 2023

Hive Mind supports efforts to renew, reuse, and recycle - but it doesn’t stop there. How about removing waste entirely? Are you aware that with the right application (and applicator) that the difficult to recycle silicone coated liner for labels can sometimes be eliminated all together?

Did you know?: Linerless Labels has better shelf appeal for consumers? This is because the label can be seen at 360°, making brands easy to spot.


The next time you are in the grocery store, stop and look at the meat section of your market. You will likely see a quagmire of styrofoam trays and haphazardly applied labels. These packages are often viewed as low cost and of subpar quality. Now, what packages stand out on the shelf?

You may notice some rigid PET trays with a label printed in a 4-color process that wraps around the entire tray. This versatile label is ideal for skin pack trays and gives a product a premium look that consumers love. These labels are known as Linerless Labels. Linerless labels are a revolutionary label that wraps entirely around a skin pack tray, making it possible to label a lumpy meat tray with a premium look. Not only that, but Linerless Labels provide production lines huge gains in efficiencies and cost reductions.

Branding Through Linerless Labels


Linerless Labels provide a 360° view of your package and a brand’s message can be placed on each side of the label. Top, Bottom or sides – Reach the consumer with packaging that stands out. Furthermore, it won’t matter how a store displays your product. If the trays are stacked or forward-facing on the store shelf, consumers have an opportunity to see your brand from any angle.

In additional, Linerless Labels can have printing on the backside of the label that the consumers don’t see until they remove the packaging from the food tray. This provides a brand opportunity to add value by providing useful cooking tips, recipes, or a brand story that connects with the consumer.


People can be weird about buying meats and produce. Any variation or perceived “wrong” thing with the food packaging can create a feeling of distrust or low quality. By using premium packaging, consumers will have confidence that the food is high quality, fresh, and will taste good. In fact, most consumers are willing to shell over more money for a product that they feel is fresh.

Linerless Labels allow brands to get a premium label that is visually appealing and has a story to tell, all while also using packaging that actually prolongs shelf life for the contents within. The rigid PET trays used with Linerless Labels use a film that actually prevents frost burn and improves food texture. As a result, this makes it a win-win for consumers, retailers, and production facilities. Source:

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